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Renewable Energy

renewable energy

Here at Nightingale Electrical we are dedicated to renewable energy and are a registered MCS company.

We are fully qualified to fit domestic and commercial solar panel systems. Our expert electricians can also advise you on the costs, time taken and the benefits of installing solar panels. Nightingale Electrical are members of REAL Assurance and are MCS Approved.

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nightingale energy

We believe that item be easy being green and the benefits are life changing. To ensure our children enjoy a cleaner and greener future, we are on a mission to tackle climate change one household at a time!

The Government's commitment to carbon reduction also means that you are able to take advantage of 'Feed in Tariffs'. So going solar not only saves you money, but makes you money too!
The energy you save significantly reduces the cost of your bills. And if you need a little more electricity, it can be drawn from the National Grid.

Latest Installation in Blackrod which gives a return investment of 7 years, that means 13 years of a minimum of £500 a year of free electricity.


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